Robust as the miombo forests where it is harvested, Zambezi Gold™ honey has a full-bodied flavour with a hint of currants. Like a steady bass line in a jazz tune, this honey yields a pleasant texture and a rich undertone of unique sweetness when used in baking. It adds a signature splash of flavour to teas and other beverages. Drizzle it over breakfast, use it in a marinade, or mix it with a crystalized starter to make a creamed honey.  High in antioxidants and bioflavonoids, Zambezi Gold™ honey is the healthy key to a vibrant range of culinary experiences.

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12 pack 500 gram PET plastic square jar

12 pack 500 gram PET plastic squeeze bottle

12 pack 375 gram PET plastic squeeze bottle



Bulk stocks are kept in Lusaka and Antwerp

  • 5 liter bucket

  • 20 liter bucket

  • 300 Kg net weight drum



Using honeycomb harvested by hand from traditional bark hives, we produce one of the few certified organic beeswaxes in the world. Make this your first choice as an ingredient for your cosmetic line, pharmaceuticals, organic sweets, or baiting for your organic beekeeping.

  • Small wax pellets by kilo or ton

  • 8 KG blocks in one ton pallet

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Our bees extract the resins and essential oils that constitute propolis from the rich vegetation of the miombo forests. One of the African wild’s most powerful natural remedies, propolis is often used for dental disease, as an immune booster, and for healing burns and wounds.

  • 30 mL amber glass bottle

  • 50 mL amber glass bottle


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Our 100% pure beeswax candles are handmade from natural honeycomb. They are long burning, emitting a clean and natural honey aroma. Distinctive and functional, these certified organic candles are excellent for corporate gifts, holiday celebrations, and home decor.

​​The candles come in pairs, wrapped in clear cellophane with a raffia bow. We would be pleased to consider your individual packaging needs.




Like a glowing fireplace after a brisk autumn walk, our honey vinegar is the perfect warm embrace to finish the cool, crisp lettuce in your harvest salad. A hint of sweetness softens the initial vinegar bite, delivering a complex flavour for sauces and dressings. Spritz it onto fruits and vegetables for a bright twist on conventional party trays.


Forest Fruits Ltd. Honey Vinegar is made in small batches using naturally occurring yeasts already present in our honeycomb. Each year, we begin the process by selecting the honey. Due to variation in vegetation and nectar between seasons and locations, the bees produce an assortment of honey flavours. As a result, each new batch of honey vinegar has its own unique taste – sure to inspire your culinary creativity!

We would be pleased to consider your individual packaging needs.


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