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Harvesting Processes
Complex and Well-rounded

Beekeeping is a traditional practice that dates back 500 years in north western Zambia.

Bark hives are kept in trees and spread out over large distances as far as 50 kilometers. These hives can last up to 20 years.


No antibiotics are used at any point in the beekeeping and honey harvesting process, and because the bees forage deep in the miombo forests – an area far removed from commercial agriculture – the resulting product is untouched by any pesticides.


These methods have been passed down from generation to generation among our beekeepers, and we are pleased to have learned from them and to work with them to continue this special tradition.



A 500-year-old, sustainable method.

Our honey is harvested from natural bark hives in the forest treetops by rural beekeepers.

Using an entirely natural smoke, created from fallen forest leaves, honeycomb is sustainably extracted, safely packed and carried on bicycles, motorbikes or trucks to filtration plants.



a gentle process to preserve the honey’s abundant goodness & flavour. The pure technique of crushed comb extraction is used to drip the rich honey out from the comb.

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Having forever been a forest, the

miombo woodlands are naturally

and inherently organic.

It is entirely free from residue,

pesticides and anti- biotics.

Biodiversity friendly, carbon positive,

sustainably sourced, community upliftment (7000 rural beekpees) and 25 years of operation.

Honey Vinegar

A slow, gentle, organic process. To develop our honey vinegar, we dilute our honey with

pure, filtered groundwater from a calcium-rich aquifer and add wild-harvested yeasts from our comb honey. This is left to slowly ferment over time into a honeymead. Exposure to oxygen allows the honeymead to convert into a honey vinegar/ acetic acid. Never heated and nothing added, our vinegar is

the pure vibrant essence of Africa’s wild forests.



Our SCOBY is developed from wild, organic,

naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria sourced from

the Miombo Forest honeycombs.

Every bottle contains the Mother.



Scientific testing has revealed that our honey vinegar contains significant healthful properties that massively help in boosting immunity, aiding in digestion, anti-fungal fighting properties, is neuroprotective and helps with weight loss.



Made from only 3 ingredients – pure

water, organic honey and organic wild

yeasts, our honey vinegar is certified organic.

Biodiversity-friendly, carbon positive, sustainably sourced

community upliftment (7000 rural beekeepers) and 25 years of operation

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