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Honey on Figs

The Superior
Taste Award


The Superior Taste Award is granted by the International 

Taste Institute to food and drink products that went through a positive sensory evaluation by a panel of professional taste experts: Chefs & Sommeliers. 

Since 2005, over 15.000 products from 130 countries have been evaluated. It is probably the most renowned 

recognition of superior gustatory quality in the world. 

What is the significance of this award?

“Taste” is a multi-sensory human experience that is 

extremely powerful and complex, combining multiple 

sensory criteria like the visual aspect, olfaction, taste, 

texture and final sensation. 

A product that is granted the Superior Taste Award is a 

product that went through a sensory evaluation on each of the 5 criteria by professional taste experts and reached an average score above 70%. This means products are well-made, balanced & delicious. 

Orange Wax

Our Certifications

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The Certification for Eco Cert is a rigorous process that consists of an independent and impartial certification body assessing the conformity of a product, service or system with environmental and social requirements specified in a standard. At the end of the certification process, Ecocert issues a decision and when positive, delivers a written assurance called a certificate.


Halaal is an Arabic word that means “lawful or permitted.” It is a term that is used in the Islamic religion in contrast with the word haram (which means “unlawful or not allowed”). These terms indicate which life practices are allowed or not allowed for those who practice Islam (Muslims). While halal refers to much more than just Islamic dietary practices, the term is most often thought of when talking about food, drinks, and other products.


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