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Certified Organic Honey Vinegar

Certified Organic Honey Vinegar

Like a glowing fireplace after a brisk autumn walk, our honey vinegar is the perfect warm embrace to finish the cool, crisp lettuce in your harvest salad. A hint of sweetness softens the initial vinegar bite, delivering a complex flavour for sauces and dressings. Spritz it onto fruits and vegetables for a bright twist on conventional party trays.


Forest Fruits Ltd. Honey Vinegar is made in small batches using naturally occurring yeasts already present in our honeycomb. Each year, we begin the process by selecting the honey. Due to variation in vegetation and nectar between seasons and locations, the bees produce an assortment of honey flavours. As a result, each new batch of honey vinegar has its own unique taste – sure to inspire your culinary creativity!


Learn all about our ancient honey vinegar harvesting methods and more here!

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